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Barnet UK

Sensei Matt Spriggs (4th Dan) runs a full-time dojo and a variety of classes in Shotokan Karate and Ao Denkou Jitsu, in and around the London area. Private lessons also available.

Barnet, London
Matt Spriggs (Yondan)


Telephone: +44 181 368 7777


Congleton  UK

Phillip Tann
CW12 3BN
Home: (01260) 273001
Mobile: 0786 7831243





Chesham, Aylesbury & Newlands Park  UK

Founder members of the Ao Denkou Kai, researching the use of karate kata applications and how they relate to using the vital points of the human body for maximum effectiveness. The karate taught is geared towards practical self defense.  Shotokan Karate

Ashley Croft

Club Website: www.chilternkarate.co.uk




Essex UK

Albie O'Connor [kobudo@blueyonder.co.uk]

Phone 01375 640609




Exeter UK A.D.K.

Matthew Sylvester






High Wycombe UK

Practical Karate ADK

Instructor: Dr J W Titchen

Practical Karate has its roots in the original core forms  taught by Pine Waves’ Group China Hand  in the 1920s, the surviving teachings of Sokon Matsumura and his pupils Anko Itosu and Gichin Funakoshi, the teaching and techniques of Morihei Ueshiba and modern sports science. Practical Karate aims to combine the standards of technical ability set by peer Karate associations with the demands of the more traditional self-defence orientated practice of older pre-World War II forms of Karate. 




University of Sussex Karate Jutsu Club




For further information, contact: Dr. Zoltán Dienes Tel. 01273 678550 or






Whitley Bay UK

Stephen Nash

Fax: 0191-2971367
25,Warkworth Avenue
WHITLEY BAY, United Kingdom

"Pyung-Ahn-Moo-Sool-Do incorporates in its curriculum practical uses of the [Moo-Duk-Kwan] Hyungs in modern conflict.Home Office

approved Control and Restraint Techniques in its Ju-Jitsu and an array of weapons training and disarming techniques are integral to the

system. Incorporated in all these areas is the use of Professor Clarks`[Ao Denkou Kai Jitsu] which helps makes PAMSD a formidable




South Shields UK

For more information contact Dave Nicole




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