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Please follow the Seminars link to the appropriate locations.  Seminars dates and contacts are listed for Ireland and Germany. 



Links most seminars have been posted to this web site.  The remainder should be posted shortly.

If you would like to host a seminar in Germany contact Sensei Nobi Förster Kontakt mit Nobi: Norbert Förster, Mühlenweg 12, 38122 Braunschweig. Telefon:0531 - 79 73 91 Mobil:0171 - 1220927 or email  nobi@zentral-dojo.de  http://www.zentral-dojo.de/Sensei/nobi.php

Dates are currently set for seminars in Germany. 

Fr. 30.10. in Brinkum – Christian Kober und Ingo Kracht


Sa. 31.10. in Lauenburg – Joachim Peters


So. 01.11. in Bohmte – Marzel Heitmeyer

So. 01.11. in Bohmte (Polizei) - Marzel Heitmeyer


Mo. 02.11. in Hamburg – Wolfgang Kutsche


Tu. 03.11. in Emden – Jens Fricke


We. 04.11. in Wefensleben – Andreas Schreinecke


Th. 04.11. in Braunschweig – Nobi Foerster


Fr. 06.11. in Lauf – Matthias Duelp mailto:etlaswind@aol.com


Sa. 07.11. in Lappersdorf – Armin Schymala


So. 08.11. in Beratzhausen - Peter Baur


When teaching seminars in Germany Prof. Clark has mobile phone service where he can be contacted.  This  number will only be available only when he is teaching  in Germany, mobile phone +49-152 0391 2874

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