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Ao Denkou Kai

 Consists of a group of like minded instructors who have joined together with Prof. Rick Clark to further their knowledge and understanding of the

martial arts and the links that they share.  Prof. Clark shares his understanding of the martial arts through his system of Ao Denkou


What is Ao Denkou Jitsu?

  Ao Denkou Jitsu was chosen to describe the style of martial arts that Professor Rick Clark teaches. Ao Denkou Kai, the organization, was formed to formalize, promote and expand ADJ.  Ao Denkou is translatable as "Blue Lightning" hence the full name "Ao Denkou Jitsu" describes "Blue Lightning Techniques" or "Blue Lightning Method". There are a variety of meanings behind the name; an obvious choice for the lightning portion is the sensations caused by the kyusho or Pressure Points that brought many of us to Professor Clark.

  Prof. Clark has been on the forefront of promoting Kyusho-Jitsu and Bunkai, first publishing on this subject in the June 1989 issue of Inside Kareate the article What is the Purpose of Kata? Prof. Clark has published articles nationally and internationally on the topic of Pressure Points, Vital Points, Kyusho-jitsu, and Bunkai. Along with a few other pioneers Prof. Clark has played a significant role in the revitalization of this aspect of the martial arts.

  Due to the reception of his seminars around the world Prof. Clark heads an organization that has a membership as diverse as his own background. Ao Denkou Kai has members from all over the world:

bulletUnited States
bulletUnited Kingdom (Scotland, England, and Wales)
bulletRepublic of Ireland
bulletNew Zealand

  The styles represented by ADK members are as diverse, there are members who practice Uechi-ryu, Isshin-ryu, Taiji Quan, Krav Maga, Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do, Shorin-ryu, Shito-ryu, Seisan-ryu, Ju Jitsu and many others.  In addition, Prof. Clark is a strong advocate of cross-training in multiple styles after achieving the core in a primary style, as the membership reflects.

  Prof. Clark continues to travel the world teaching seminars promoting Kyusho-jitsu and Bunkai for martial artists of all styles and systems.  If you are interested in hosting Prof. Clark for a seminar or attending a seminar please go to or click on the "Seminars" button on this web site.

Services Available

Training and Consulting Services for:

Dignitary protection

Surveillance and Surveillance detection

Close quarter combat firearms training

Anti terrorism driving and motorcade operations

Human intelligence collection

Islamic culture and sourcing

Tactical building searches

Explosive breaching

Other skill sets are available to be taught by our nationally and internationally known staff.

Because of obvious issues you or your agency will be required to meet  our screening criteria before we will be able to assist you or your organization. 

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