Please follow the Seminars link to the appropriate locations.  Seminars dates and contacts are listed for Ireland and Germany. 


Training and consulting in:

bullet Islamic culture and sourcing
bullet Dignitary protection
bullet Surveillance
bullet Surveillance detection
bulletCovert Surveillance techniques
bullet Anti terrorism driving and motorcade operations
bullet Human intelligence collections
bulletClose quarter Combat firearms training
bulletExplosive Breaching
bulletBuilding searches
bulletAudio and video technical surveillance countermeasures
bulletHostage rescue team training
bulletSWAT consultation

Are just a few of the skills that can be taught to legitimate applicants.  Courses can be arranged in the United States and internationally. 

For a fee quote please make your initial contact via e-mail and provide enough information so that your identity can be confirmed and that you would be allowed to legally provide our consultation and training services to you or your agency.  mailto:Rick.Clark@Ao-Denkou-Kai.org  Further contact information will be provided as necessary.

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