Please follow the Seminars link to the appropriate locations.  Seminars dates and contacts are listed for Ireland and Germany. 


Ao Denkou Kai Belgium  www.ao-denkou-kai.be


Mona Books

Monabooks is one of the UK's leading Martial Arts book distributors with over 2500 titles available, selling books to customers not only in the UK and Europe, but also to customers Worldwide.



International Institute for Kyusho Research

Vince Morris' International Institute for Kyusho Research


The IIKR was established at the behest of experienced martial artists who after many years of training came to realize that many of the concepts and values within the art of Karate-do were either misunderstood or simply not available within the mainstream of sports orientated practice. The IIKR serves to research and promulgate understanding of the dangerous and effective hitherto secret bunkai to the Kata.


Regular "Hands-on" seminars are given throughout Europe, Australia and the USA, for higher grades to assimilate and practice these Kyusho-Jutsu and Tuite based techniques which bring new life and depth of meaning to the fundamental efficiency of the martial arts.


The IIKR is based upon the concept that the martial arts prepare one for life, not just for the Dojo, or even simply for combat. Respect, integrity patience, endeavor and humility are all aspects of the true martial artist, and thus are the goals of proper training; but this itself should be built upon a true understanding of the Waza.


    Practical Martial Arts Logo


Practical Martial Arts

Practical Martial Arts™ is both a site and an Association dedicated to martial arts and martial techniques that can be practically applied on the street and on the mat. There are no fees involved in joining and Practical Martial Arts™ isn't the usual regulatory body either, Membership is open to all and we encourage membership of other organizations. It's a font of knowledge and a way of networking to the mutual benefit of all.






United States Martial Arts Association

The United States Martial Arts Association (USMA) is a non-profit corporation incorporated in early 1996.  To avoid the destructive effects of politics, the USMA, like most corporations, has a permanent governing Board, which guides the policies of the USMA. 

 The mission of the USMA is to unify American Martial Arts in spirit by offering services and guidance to all Martial Artists.  These services include:


Budo News.com

Japanese Martial Arts on Line


Shin-gi-tai Karate Clubs






Goju-Shorei Systems



American Kyokushin Karate

Frederick S. Buck

AKKO Director

American Kyokushin Karate Organization Inc.



Matsumura Shorin Ryu



Shoto Shinkai Karate Dojo



Shin-kyu Shotokan Karate Do



Wado Ki Kai Karate Do




Indiana University School of Dentistry



Indiana Dental Association



American Dental Association



American Association of Endodontists



Terre Haute Endodontics P.C.



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