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Edinburgh University Shukokai Karate  Scotland

Edinburgh University Shukokai Karate Club practices traditional Shukokai Karate, with the syllabus designed such that students are also learning sufficient ancillary skills to ground them in Ao Denkou Jitsu. As well as learning the traditional skillset associated with karate training, students will become adept in the more subtle skills inherent in their kata - throwing, locking, choking, striking and kyusho waza.

Club is open to all Edinburgh University Students.

Chief Instructor - Steven Webster (Yondan)  steven.webster@ao-denkou-kai.org

Club Website: http://www.eusu.ed.ac.uk/clubs/shukokai//index.html




Kupso Hanta Baru

We have clubs throughout Scotland with representatives in France and Norway.

We have a pragmatic approach to self protection martial arts with focus on close quarter combat against multiple assailants with weapons.
Students learn systems of combat from South East Asia (Indonesia), these systems are taught within the framework of Ao Denkou Jitsu.   Students of higher level are expected to interpret forms in Karate and Tae Kwon Do and other systems using knowledge attained.

Those students that reach advanced levels are introduced to classical combat systems not readily available to the public.

Club Website: www.kupso.com




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